Studies have shown that 69 to 98 percent of children will resolve conflicts between their feelings and their bodies by adulthood if not subjected to gender “affirmation” medical interventions. CPR-C empowers parents with truthful information concerning the claims of transgender ideology and the resulting harms of this ideology and these experimental treatments to children.


Gender identity ideology denies girls equal opportunity in sports:

Gender identity ideology erases the advances girls have realized through hard-fought battles to secure equal opportunity in sports and the academic opportunities that athletic success brings. As a result:

• Biological male athletes are permitted to proclaim they are female and dominate athletic competitions.

• Girls in contact sports are harmed by physically-advantaged males allowed to compete with them because of a self-asserted female identity.

• Female high school athletes stand to lose college scholarship opportunities intended for girls because biological male athletes, self-identified as female, take top prizes in competitions.


Gender Confusion Disproportionately Afflicting Teenage Girls.

Gender confusion and the resulting harms of “gender affirmation” treatments are affecting girls at an alarmingly higher rate than in boys.

• Surveys in the U.S. and elsewhere reveal a disproportionately higher ratio of adolescent girls are identifying as transgender or “gender non-conforming” than are boys.

• The United Kingdom saw a 4,400 percent increase in girls and 1,250 percent increase in boys being referred for gender transitioning treatment between 2009 and 2018, numbers so alarming it has sparked an official inquiry into the exponential rise in children wanting to change their sex.

• This disproportionate rate of girls adopting transgender identities is consistent with the higher prevalence of other forms of psychological distress girls experience with their bodies (such as anorexia nervosa).


Informing Parents About Their Parental Rights

CPR-C seeks to inform parents of their fundamental rights to direct the upbringing and education of their children and as guardians of their children’s health and safety in contexts in which such rights are presently threatened by transgender ideology:
• Parental Rights In Education: Parents’ right to direct the upbringing and education of their children is among the oldest and most important liberty interests protected under the U.S. Constitution. CPR-C seeks to inform parents where the law protects the recognized realm of parental decision-making and schools exceed the legitimate pedagogical interests of the state.

• Parental Rights In Medical Decision-making: Parents have the right to direct the medical and mental health care of their children without interference from the state absent evidence of abuse or neglect. The state overriding parental authority to coerce parents to consent to their child receiving harmful untested gender affirmation treatments is repugnant to the American legal tradition.

• Providing Parent Resources: CPR-C links parents to resources that will empower them to join the campaign to restore fundamental parental rights and secure their children’s well-being against gender identity ideology.