Navigating the Transgender Landscape - School Resource Guide

The Transgender Trend. A complex cultural phenomenon is sweeping through schools throughout the country. Children are declaring that they no longer identify as their own sex, but as the opposite sex, a new made-up “gender,” or no sex at all, creating serious challenges for K-12 schools.

Existing Resources. Until now, school leaders trying to implement policies to address this phenomenon have only had one-sided resources with the agenda of affirming a child’s belief that he or she was “born in the wrong body.” These ideologically driven materials omit important scientifically accurate information about the serious mental health and medical concerns raised by this phenomenon and fail to address the rights of all students and of parents.

The national Navigating the Transgender Landscape School Resource Guide is designed to fill the information gap.

The Guide gives school boards, administrators, teachers, and counselors sound social, medical, and legal information to develop sound policies to respond effectively to the transgender phenomenon.

This Guide:

  • Explains factors influencing children to identify as transgender.
  • Presents medical information on the effects of “gender transition” medical interventions.
  • Provides answers to the most frequently raised concerns, such as the suicide risk, transgender regret, and parental concerns.
  • Gives an overview of how the transgender trend is affecting activism in schools, sex-based privacy facilities, and equity in sports.
  • Discusses Title IX and how state sunshine laws affect policy making.
  • Offers policy recommendations to respond appropriately to trans-identifying students, while respecting the rights of all students and of parents.

Parents will also benefit from the balanced approach to this complicated phenomenon.

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    Vernadette Broyles, Esq.
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