A Message to Churches for “Such a Time as This”

  • For too long churches have remained silent thinking they would be safe within their walls as our young people fall prey to an ideology that’s enticing them to reject God’s created order and harm their bodies by rejecting their sex, and as families are being torn apart.
  • Churches must commit to gaining understanding to minister truth and courage to stand in the gap for the preservation of the next generation – and in the process, to contend for the future of our nation.

Cultural evangelists of our time are leading children and young people to embrace a powerful ideology teaching them to believe that they can be born in the wrong body. This ideology, gender identity ideology, is being proselytized throughout the internet and in classrooms and counselors’ offices around the country – very often without the knowledge or approval of their parents.

This Guide:

  • Gives truth-based and science-based Information through four parts - Equipping Congregations to Understand, Church Leaders to Respond, Parents to Guard Against, and Young People to Resist - the Transgender Trend.
  • Includes additional resources in comprehensive Appendices.
  • Based on the biological fact that a child’s sex is an innate and immutable human characteristic to be embraced—not a disease to be eradicated.
  • Designed to assist pastors, ministry leaders, parents, and congregants with an in-depth understanding of the transgender trend, medically accurate information, and truth-based perspectives.

Available Now

Resources Available Now:

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  • You can be a voice of truth and help win the battle in the campaign for Child & Parental Rights.
    Vernadette Broyles, Esq.
    President and General Counsel